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Duffy Porch
Inside Screen porch
Steps Brown's
Browns Deck
brown deck
Duffy porch
Brown deck
screen porch
Rooftop power exterior
Haiti power backup
Haiti power inside
MBR Framing
MBR finished
Gym Addition framing
Gym Drywall Stage
Gym Addition
Bar Addition Framing
Bar Addition
Gym Addition other side
Kitchen Remodel
Kitchen Remodle
Kitchen Remodel
Porch & deck-Trex
Addition Lucasville Rd.
Trex Steps & Deck
Trex Deck and Rail system
Trex Deck Meadowbrook
Family Rm. & Bedroom Addition
Screen porch Heritage Hunt
Mike & Ann's deck
Beeber Deck
Trex Deck Screen Porch
other side
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